7. The Business of Dentistry

Thoughts from a Seasoned Dental Professional

Program Seven

Program Overview: After four decades of being asked for her ‘candid opinion’ on a wide range of subjects (both on and off stage),Jenny has created a unique 2-3 hour program to open a dialogue between speaker and audience on how dentistry is faring today –and what the future may hold.

Program 2-3 hours.
Jenny designed for dentists, spouses, & partners only
Ideal for a Dental Society Evening Program

Program Focus
“In My Opinion”

 Dentistry as a profession
 Profile of a dentist
 Medical v dental
 Specialists
 Women in dentistry
 Dental schools
 CE & healthcare
 CE outside healthcare
 Internet, websites, SEO
 Stand out or join the crowd

Build a Team or Go It Alone

 Solo practice-is it on its way out?
 Multi-doctor practices
 Group practices
 Other avenues of practice to explore
 Staff-embrace or is managing a chore?
 Hiring & working with an associate
 Leadership-provide it or?
 Out-sourcing to financial advisors
 Dental consulting services
 Working with family

Taking stock of where I am!

 Final year students
 The New Dentist, the New Practice
 Working as an associate
 Practice Transition-moving on
 Open a 2nd office & double profits?
 Create the practice/life I want
 Balancing life
 Being a mentor

It’s Time to Practice Business

 What dental school prepares you for
 Planning, budgets, monitors & ‘stuff’’
 3rd party role, networks & other decisions
 Business responsibilites-do or delegate
 Crisis management- preparation key
 Create time to ‘run’ your business
 Investment of time versus results
 Monitors-working smart