5. Blueprint for Success

JdSG’s One Day Master Class

Program Five

Program Overview: Dentists are judged by everything but their quality of care. With today’s patients ‘working’ the internet, building relationships with patients has never been more important. Building a referral practice is still the goal, just the methods are changing. This Program provides the essential management and communication tools needed in the 5 key areas to build and grow a practice.

Promised Outcomes: This program is a compilation of Jenny’s four full-day Programs. The program is designed to address the main issues, problems and needs in each of the 5 key practice management areas. This is a practical and proven roadmap to create a solid management plan for your practice.

Review: “This was by far the most helpful training that I’ve had- I’ve already begun to implement many suggestions. I’m expecting great results! Thanks again!” – Betty Curtis, Practice Manager, Bangor, Maine

Program Focus

Grow your Practice

1. Websites: Are you proud of yours? A checklist to capture potential patients’ immediate interests
2. Social media: online reputation & all things Internet – being proactive & consistent in addressing
3. Your Lost Patient Program: Most practices overlooked this major resource to grow a dental practice

Communicate Financially with Your Patients – The Pro-active Approach

1. 3rd Party: Proactive communication with these patients can eliminate 90% of misunderstandings
2. Financial Agreements:10 essential financial/management tools to increase cash flow
3. Financial objections: when confident with concepts & services, a practice welcomes such comments
4. Financial communication: the bedrock of a practice’s financial stability & patient service

Welcome to Our Practice – Exceeding the New Patients’ Expectations

1. Telephone: 10 step Plan to make it your most effective & management practice building tool
2. Reception room & facility: Perception is everything – see your practice through your patients’ eyes
3. Meeting Doctor: forget the clinical training, meet the new patient as a non-clinical person
4. From “hello to yes”: often happens within minutes of meeting Doctor for the first time

Scheduling By Design – Solutions for the Major Scheduling Nightmares

1. Reconfirmation Service: which doesn’t invite Short Notice Cancellations!
2. Reduce No Shows: understand what causes patients not to show, the rest is easy!
3. Late patients are late because they’re allowed to be! Guidelines to take back control
4. Emergency patients: 7 golden rules to increase customer service while still in control of your day!
5. Scheduling nightmares: solve your major scheduling issues in a stress-free manner

Manage the Team for Harmony – No Greater ROI when Owner/Manager Becomes Proactive

1. Staff meetings: design meetings which result in “things get done” rather than “let’s think about it”
2. Performance Reviews: utilize this top management tool to increase morale, reduce turnover
3. Team communication: stay “connected” during the day – without it, practices flounder


“The seminar was fantastic, you more than delivered to expectations. This was by far the most helpful training I have ever had. I’ve already begun to implement many of your suggestions. Thanks again!”                                                                                                                                                   – Betty Curtis, Practice Manager, Maine Dental Association