3. Scheduling by Design

Reduce Stress, Increase Production, Run on Time!

Program Three

Program Overview: Consistently being on time doesn’t happen by accident! JdSG’s famous Rock/Sand/Water Method brings order & structure to the dental practice that embraces scheduling with logic & common sense. Her outstanding communication skills are central to success. Jenny’s pro-active approach to scheduling eliminates surprises & delivers quality scheduling techniques.

Promised Outcomes: How to – Schedule Emergencies, No Shows, Cancel Short Notice; late patients, practice late; end of day & after school requests. Tap into clinical staff’s expertise to create a team approach for resolving scheduling problems; customize your doctor’s Ideal Day for practicality. Full or Half Day Program

Review: Speaker was fantastic. She had real and reasonable solutions to scheduling problems we are all facing in our offices. Not only did she have solutions, but she had very well thought out ways of achieving
solutions that work for the majority.”
  – Connecticut State Annual Meeting Committee

Program Focus

Ideal Scheduling Strategies

1. Design your Ideal Day: how to adjust it for each Doctor’s specific needs and practice location
2. Morning Meeting: 25 benefits of investing 5 minutes-solve daily scheduling problems–before they happen!
3. Zoo days: eliminates high/low production days. Bring order to your week
4. Software scheduling: be sure your program supports & does not sabotage your scheduling goals & needs

The JdSG’s Continuing Care Program

1. Customization delivers 85% patients to commit to pre-booking hygiene. Protect practice growth & stability
2. Build in hygiene flexibility for new & perio patients – a must for a balanced hygiene department
3. Educate patients re: need to think outside the twice a year insurance limitation on prophies
4. Integrate Dr.’s hygiene check-off so Doctor and RDH both enjoy quality time with patient & stay on time.

Eliminate Scheduling Obstacles – So Issues Don’t Keep Happening!

1. 8 rules to schedule emergencies: deliver outstanding patient service & stay totally in control
2. CSN: Techniques to save a large % of “Cancel on Short Notice” appointments
3. Late patients; end of day & after school appointments: showing patients the benefits of working with you
4. Running late: so easy to solve – techniques to get back on time
5. Appointment Confirmation: increases No Shows when mishandled! JdSG Method delivers more patients

Harness the Clinical Team’s Expertise to Solve Major Scheduling Issues and Keep Things Moving!

1. Logistics: seat & release patients so clinical & management team work as one
2. Chairside scheduling: delivers total appointment customization – eliminates front desk crush, reduce stress
3. Clinical staff: key to solving scheduling issues when patients come late, early, no shows, walk-in, etc.
4. Cross training: pros & cons of having clinical staff “work at the front desk”


“This scheduling program is the first seminar/lecture I have ever been to that I did not feel sleepy-even for one second.
Very informative and tons of information.”
                                                                                  – Lourdes Abiog DMD at Santa Clara County Dental Society Program, March 2019