1. Welcome To Our Practice

Building A Referral Practice in Today’s
Internet-Driven World

Program One

Program Overview: Today’s dental marketing experts infer social media, SEO & bigger websites deliver more patients. Getting the phone to ring is easy! Turning a “hello” into a “yes to treatment” takes a higher level of expertise. Avoid being a practice with a revolving door, fighting to keep the schedule filled for the next 2 days.

Promised Outcomes: How to – create a referral practice through practice ambassadors; build phone connections so potential patients schedule; be internet savvy; how/when to discuss fees & scheduling at the Consultation; utilize JdSG’s Lost Patient Recovery Program to kick-start your practice.
Full or Half Day Program

Review: “Jenny presented a very informative & entertaining lecture-participants want her to return. She gave many practical ideas which we’ve successfully implemented in our office. Presentation was brisk, entertaining but business-like. If you’re a Meeting Planner/sponsor looking for an ‘all meat and no fluff’ course, I recommend Jennifer as the choice to make.”                                – Virginia AGD. Robert S Wagner DD, President

Program Focus

Marketing via internet-websites-reviews

1. Average website visitor leaves within 4.5 seconds! Does your website invite them to stay longer?
2. Online reputation, testimonials & other internet minefields. How to handle/resolve – what to avoid
3. Pros & cons of patients scheduling their own appointments online
4. No shows, 3rd party coverage, fees, payment options – pros & cons of listing on your website

Building your referral practice

Initial Contact
1. Telephone service: 10 seconds to stand out from the crowd – do not waste the opportunity
2. Practical answers to15 common patient phone call questions
3. Telephone Shoppers – learn to love these calls – make a friend, acquire a patient
4. Take home the Check list patients use to judge your practice, service & “perceived quality of care” 

Enjoying the Yes 
1. Patients move from “Hi Doctor” to “Yes” to treatment within milliseconds – getting on the same page
2. Balance hygiene needs and new patients’ wants – legally & logically 

Financial Agreement & Scheduling
1. Financial – quoting fees, payment options, 3rd party involvement, closing the financial deal
2. Scheduling – Seven golden scheduling rules for new patients saying “yes” to treatment

JdSG’s Lost Patient Recovery Program

1. Re-energize “fallen by the wayside” patients. Reach out, re-connect & re-schedule
2. Patient Exit Interviews. Best ROI to keep a practice honest, eliminate misunderstandings, build PR
3. “I found the crown cheaper elsewhere.” Meet the challenge, address the concern, enjoy the outcome!


“A really hot group of clinicians, notably JdSG who gave 4 different lectures on 4 different subjects: (‘Dental Team Strategies’, ‘Dental Spouse’, ‘Time Management’ and ‘Communicating Financially with your Patients’). All are very good, as you might expect. She is a superb speaker with much take-home-and-use material. The ‘Dental Spouse’ seminar is limited to dentists and spouses and is especially relevant in today’s environment.”                                                                      – Greater Houston Meeting Participant

“Your presentation to our society was outstanding. Everyone had a great learning experience mixed with good humor and fun. The seminar was so popular it was necessary to turn away even more who wished to attend due to facility size.”                                                                                        – Lennox Miller, DDS, San Gabriel Valley Dental Society